By Ron Kaye former Editor of the LA Daily News

The silencing of freedom of speech on public access television in Los Angeles and many other cities by local and state officials in collusion with giant corporations is an attack on the freedom of everyone. In the measured language of Wikipedia, “Public Access was created to provide a free-speech forum, open to all on a first-come, first-served basis without discrimination or favoritism based on content.” ...  

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word from the founding President

Leslie Dutton
  • The City of Los Angeles, had fourteen community public access channels and studios operating in each of the cable franchise areas back in 1992 when Edith Shain (the VJ Day Nurse from Times Square) and I first started producing the Full Disclosure Network public affairs program. All it took to become a television producer was to attend two classes conducted by a Century Cable employee for two hours each.  At the end of the classes a person would then know how to organize and prepare a “run down” sheet, a credits list and why one needed to obtain a guest “waiver” sheet to avoid liability and to document the understanding that their guest(s) were not going to be compensated for appearing on the show.

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